A Message of Welcome from District Governor, Christene Freedman

Christene Freedman
District Governor 2023-2024

My dear Rotary Family, as your District Governor, I am taking this wonderful opportunity to present to you promises we look forward to fulfilling with the presidential theme of “Create Hope in the World.”

Rotary International President Gordon McInally is asking Rotarians to capture the world’s attention and lead the way toward possibilities far beyond our current expectations – “The goal is to create hope — to help the world heal from destructive conflicts, and, in turn, to help us achieve lasting change for ourselves. By continuing what we do best, by remaining open and willing to change, and by keeping our focus on building peace in the world and within ourselves, Rotary helps create a more peaceful world, a more hopeful world.”

As Rotarians, we are building a different world filled with hope. We are a strong and resilient community of members who share a unique passion for taking action to create lasting change across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

But to be able to care for the people we love, and those who so desperately need the hope Rotarians are known for, we must first take care of ourselves. It’s like the advice we’re given on airplanes: put on your own oxygen mask before trying to help someone
else with theirs. Taking care of yourself is a valid goal on its own, and it helps you support the people you love and others.

Taking care of our members, and those we serve will be a priority for our year together. Evidence has shown that taking care of others has an intrinsic value to helping yourself – providing a sense of purpose, leading to happiness and friendships. The more we can engage and collaborate with each other, the more impact we can have so we can
improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever.

From the words of Jonas Salk, the creator of the polio vaccine, who said, “Hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to [make] dreams into reality.” The world needs Rotary, needs you, more than ever.

Together, we are the hope.

With warmth,

Christene Freedman
District Governor, Rotary Year 2023-2024
Rotary International District Southern CT 7980