Gift of Life

Rotary District 7980 Gift of Life Foundation

Gift of Life International (GOLI) is a Rotarian-based program that provides cardiac care to children throughout the world. GOL was started by the Rotary Club of Manhasset in Rotary District 7255 USA and is currently sponsored by Rotary Clubs and Rotary Districts around the world. Gift of Life International is a non-profit organization that is tax-exempt according to IRS Code 501c3. Tax ID#56-2322626.

One of the most profound projects of District 7980 and one that is near and dear to District Governor Jeff Krause is Gift of Life. The following will provide an overview of the program, its impact, and the depth and breadth of the heart it brings to those children it touches.

The most recent District 7980 Gift of Life training visit, which took place in December, was the second lifesaving mission to CEDIMAT Hospital in Santo Domingo to heal hearts during the Global Pandemic. A total of 20 children were treated with 24 procedures performed, Lighting the World with Hope for these children and their parents during the most challenging of times.

This training mission was sponsored through Rotary Global Grant GG1987276. Our heartfelt thanks to all grant contributors for their partnership: Rotary Clubs of Santo Domingo (Host Partner), Orange (International Partner), Bridgeport, Oakville, Santo Domingo Mirador, Rotary Districts 4060, 7980, 6960, Gift of Life Rotary District 7980, Gift of Life Long Island and The Rotary Foundation. A special thank you to local NGO, Latiendo Por Ti for their dedication and support of this mission and the children of the Dominican Republic.

This video provides a first-hand look at the scope and magnitude of the effort to save the lives of children with heart conditions in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you to the GOLI Visiting Medical Team

Dr. Rodrigo Soto, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Javier Sanchez & Dr. Adnan BakarIntensivists
Dr. Greg Fleming, Interventional Cardiologist
Erin Brenner, RNFA
Mary Ann Lo & John Albers, ICU Nurses
Roger Motie, Cath Lab Technician
Arlene LeMin, Scrub Nurse
Rob Raylman, GOLI CEO
Aric Sanchez, Medical Student/Translator

Gift of Life
Working Together To Heal the Heart of the Next Child…

Introducing the Dominican Medical Team | CEDIMAT Hospital

Cardiology Medical Director
Dr. Cesar Herrera

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Juan León
Dr. Jose Iribarren
Dra. Ysailis Mariñez

Dr. Llefer Sánchez
Dra. Vicky Adames
Dr Hamlet Herrera

Dr. Fradwilkings Vargas
Yahaira Ramirez
Brigida Aguerrevere

OR Nurse
Crusita Fernandez

Pediatric Cardiology
Dra. Rebeca Pérez (Director)
Dra. Adabeyda Baez
Dra. Cynthia Rosario
Dra. Angela Vasquez
Dra Sahony Ciriaco (R1)
Dra Laura Santana (R1)

Pediatric ICU
Dra. Carisa Nieves (Director)
Dra. Francia Lapaix
Dra. Ana Leticia Lopez
Dra. Adriana Martínez
Dra. Cely Mary Valois Mézquita
Dra. Rosalia Cedeño
Dr. Juan Orozco (R2)
Dr. Ariel Noesi (R2)
Dra Yodeiny Reyes (R1)

Respiratory Therapist
Romulo Parra

Cath Lab Team
Adabeyda Baez
Victor Rodriguez (Cardiology Resident)
Tatiana Albuquerque (Cardiology Resident)
Yadermis Trinidad (Cardiology Resident)
Brito Guevara

RN and Auxiliary Staff
Lic. Gloria Peña ( Recovery)
Lic. Andrea Mendez (Ward and Outpatients Clinic)
Lic. Altagracia Mora (PICU)
Cruz Maria Abad
Lorenza Mieses
Alexis Rodriguez
Leonel Ramirez
Jael Perez
Barny Valerio
Samuel Lora
Greisy Hiciano
Kamieng Chan