Rotary Southern Connecticut | District 7980

Opus for Peace: A Call to Action


To create an environment where dialogue, empathy, and artistic expression converge to heal divides, celebrate diversity, and build a more harmonious world. We aim to transform the concept of peace from an abstract ideal into a tangible reality, fostering a culture of peace and reconciliation that extends far beyond our Rotary community.


To actively involve every Rotary club in southern Connecticut in peace projects, both locally and internationally, while leveraging the arts to communicate, heal, and promote understanding.

In a world often divided by conflict and misunderstanding, we have a unique opportunity to be harbingers of harmony. The arts have a profound ability to bridge gaps, foster empathy, and unify diverse perspectives. Our district’s initiative, “Opus for Peace—creating harmony, inspiring wellness, and embracing diversity through the fusion of the arts,” is more than a project; it is a movement.

By leveraging the arts, we can connect with our communities on a deeper level, creating dialogues that heal and inspire. Imagine concerts that bring people together, art installations that provoke thought, and performances that celebrate our shared humanity.

Through the arts, we can elevate our public image and open hearts and minds to the Rotary way.


Commitment to Peace — Elevate Peace as a central framework of our Southern Connecticut District to take action and address the underlying causes of conflict, poverty, discrimination, social justice and access, and understanding throughout the region and beyond. We will approach  the concept of peace with cohesion and inclusivity, broadening the idea of peacebuilding engagement in all communities served, and finding more ways for people to connect and be involved.

Community Peacebuilding — Engage the Southern Connecticut Cultural Arts Community in actively supporting our Rotary Peacebuilding initiatives. Our aim is to establish strong connections with cultural institutions across the state, collaborate on programming that enhances our ability to promote Positive Peace and Healing, and elevate our voice and our message to a wider audience.

Rotary Club Ideas & Action — Inspire every Rotary Club in the District to become a Peacebuilder Club creating at least one local or international peace project that delivers community impact during the Rotary year.

Unite Communities through Peace & Artistic Collaborations — Organize an active schedule of public peace events, festivals, and programs across the state showcasing Rotary’s work in fostering peace and understanding. Use this effort to bring together diverse communities for collaborative and interactive convenes that promote peace and healing through the arts.

Expansive Public Image Engagement through Storytelling — Implement a highly coordinated public image, storytelling, and media campaign throughout southern Connecticut that gives voice to the impact of Rotary through Peace, Service, and Community engagement.


1. Join the District’s Monthly Peacebuilder Committee.

        • Peace is the cornerstone of Rotary’s mission! Rotary’s first Area of Focus! The Committee meets the first or second Tuesday of every month — Visit the Distirct Calendar to register and particpate.

2. Become a Peacebuilder Club.

        • Peace Committee: Create a Club Peace Committee to manage the clubs Peace service initiatives locally, regionally and internationally.

        • Rotary Action Group for Peace (RAGFP): Have at least 2 members from the Club join the Rotary Action Group for Peace.

3. Execute at least one local or international Peace Project.

        • Peace Projects: Address issues like violence prevention, cultural exchange, conflict mediation, conflict resolution, education, and community-building.

        • Peace Poles: Engage in the creation, adoption, connection, and public presentation of Peace Poles in each community to raise public awareness of the Rotary Peace initiative.

4. International Peace Exchange Programs.

        • Facilitate exchange programs and partnerships between Rotary clubs worldwide: Encourage collaborative peace projects and inspiring virtual conversations to broaden learning and contribute to global peace initiatives.

5. Community Peace and Arts Festivals.

        • Peacebuilding Symposiums: Organize district-wide peace symposiums to facilitate dialogue on pressing global issues and inspire collaborative action.

        • Peacebuilding Workshops: Conduct training sessions on conflict resolution, empathy, and mediation techniques for members to enhance their peacebuilding skills.

6. Rotary District & Club Peace Ambassadors.

        • Peace Fellowships: Promote Rotary Peace Fellowships among members and support applicants from the District to attend peace and conflict resolution programs.

        • Peacebuilder Ambassador Program: Establish a program to appoint Peace Ambassadors or Committees within each club, responsible for promoting peace initiatives through service and community engagement and establishing them as a Peacebuilder Club.

7. District Grants and Scholarships.

        • Peace Grants: Establish a grant fund to support innovative peace projects proposed by clubs in the District.

        • Peace Scholarships: Establish scholarships or grants to support students pursuing studies in peacebuilding, international relations, or conflict resolution.

8. Youth-Driven Peace Engagement.

        • Develop youth-centric initiatives:  Promote peace education, cultural understanding, and virtual youth exchange programs.

9. Expansive Public Image Campaign.

        • Promote Peace:  Utilize social media, press releases, and local media outlets to promote the community Peace Festivals, showcasing Rotary’s dedication to promoting peace through artistic expression and community engagement.