Rotary District Managed Grant Qualification

DMG Qualification Resources

Club Qualification Spreadsheets 

For the 2022-2023 Club Qualification Spreadsheet click here: 2022 – 2023 Club Qualification Status

2022-2023 DMG Qualification Steps

If you are interested in DMG Qualification for 2021-2022 (there’s still time to apply for 2021-2022 DMG’s), please contact the District Foundation Steward for information – FoundationSteward7980 at gmail dot com.

Club-District Memorandum of Understanding 

Your Club President and President Elect for 2022-2023 must both authorize the District MOU. If your Club does not have a President Elect, or if your President and President Elect are the same person, some other elected officer must provide the second authorization.

The best way to authorize the District 7980 Club Memorandum of Understanding (District MOU) is electronically through DACdb: Click Here for Electronic MOU Instructions

If you would prefer authorizing the old-fashioned way: Click Here to Download a Blank MOU form

Print it out, have your 2021-2022 President and President Elect sign, scan or photograph it, and email it to the District Foundation Steward. 

TRF Annual Fund Fundraising Goal

The Club President must establish the Club’s fundraising goal on Rotary Club Central (RCC). Be sure to set the goals in the appropriate year: 2021-2022. Note that there are separate goals for the Annual Fund, Polio Plus, and several other categories. You must have an Annual Fund goal to qualify for grant participation.

RCC provides a history of your Club’s past fundraising results which can be helpful in setting your upcoming fundraising goal. Any amount is acceptable from a Club qualification perspective, but we hope you set an aggressive goal!

Click Here for Instructions on How to Enter Your TRF Fundraising Goal on RCC

If you need help navigating RCC, please contact your Area Governor or the District Foundation Steward.

Grant Reporting Up-To-Date

Your Club needs to have filed all required reports on any DMG’s for which you were the lead Club.

If your Club has no check mark in that column and you don’t know why, contact the District Foundation Steward.

DMG Qualification Status

If your club has completed the three requirements above, a red star will appear in the “DMG Qualified” column, indicating that you are qualified to participate in DMG’s.