Rotary District Managed Grant Training

DMG Primary Contact Training

Training for DMG Primary Contacts

By Friday, July 23, 2021

Listing of Trained DMG PC's

List of Trained DMG Primary Contacts for 2024-2025


DMG PC On-Line Training for 2024-2025:

To become qualified as a DMG Primary Contact, first review the four training videos:

DMG PC Training Part 1: General TRF and Grant Information
DMG PC Training Part 2: DMG Fundamentals
DMG PC Training Part 3: DMG Planning
DMG PC Training Part 4: DMG Execution

Then download the DMG PC training questions.

Finally fill in your answers and information and email to District Grants Committee Chair John Merkel at: FoundationSteward7980 at gmail dot com 


For DMG PC On-line Training materials for 2023-2024, please contact District Grants Chair John Merkel

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