Interact students participating in the Stop Hunger Now food packaging event.

The Rotary Club of San Jose supports five area high schools in their independent development of Interact Clubs and in the selection, and partial scholarship, of participants to attend the District 5170 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) annual camp program.  The committee directly assists our sponsored high schools – Lincoln, Gunderson, Santa Teresa, Overfelt, and Bellermine – to work together to provide community and international services as part of their local Interact Club activities and District 5170 goals. Our Rotary committee officially meets approximately 6 times a year at 11:15 at the Summit Center.  Additionally, committee members are asked to participate in the Interact Club meetings as our clubs representative advisor from time to time. Live interaction is the best way to be a participant in this committee – which requires additional time and the Rotarian to have completed the Youth Protection requirements of Rotary.

We welcome the growing participation of our Rotarians – and we welcome more help – and improved partnership on projects between our Rotary Club and our sponsored Interact Clubs.  Please take several moments and consider joining our committee.  This committee, along with the ELC Committee, provides the only opportunity to have a direct positive impact on our local high school students through official Rotary community service outreach.  On top of all that – our District 5170 Interact Clubs make up the largest Interact District in the world.  The students themselves are having huge impacts on community service and fundraising as high school students.  They are involved in their community from the start of the school year to the end – and into summer too.  Each year students come together at 3 major events – the single day Fall Leadership Conference, the overnight Presidents Winter Retreat, and the week long camp RYLA.  Rotarians do not normally attend these events and it is not a requirement – but one may choose to get as involved as they like to.  For more information, contact the committee chairperson and be ready to make a huge difference in the lives of our local young adults.

For more information about the committee contact chairs Dave Peterson or Kathleen Wright.
For more information about Interact, click here.


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